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How to Make the Perfect Iced Coffee

by Miranda Kay July 31, 2020 2 min read

You’ll always hear people say, “I can’t function without my morning coffee.” This is true for a lot of us. Living in Florida, I don’t like drinking hot drinks every morning in the sun. If you’re like me, then you LOVE your fresh ice coffee.

However, it isn’t too smart to go out and buy a wildly expensive coffee every morning, so I have now learned how to make it all on my own. This is also very self satisfying for me, because it makes me feel like I have already accomplished something at the start of my day.

Making your coffee is also a LOT easier than you would expect it to be. Not to sound too cocky, but I think I have mastered coffee making by now. Here is how I make the perfect coffee!

What Ingredients will You Need?

  • Medium Grind Coffee
  • Water
  • Container for your Drink
  • Coffee Filter Paper or a Cheese Cloth
  • Optional: Milk or Creamer

The Steps for Greatness

1. Prepare Your Brew

Your ratio for coffee will be in ounces per cup. This means that for every cup of water you have, you will want to prepare one ounce of coffee grind. When preparing my coffee for the week ahead of me, I will usually use three ounces of coffee grind.

Stir your mixture thoroughly then wait for the grind to settle at the bottom of your container. Then place the lid on to your container and place it into the fridge.

2. Wait for it to Steep

This step can be up to you. Waiting for your coffee to steep requires time and patience. You should wait anywhere between 12 and 72 hours.

Yes, this is a wide range, which is where your preference comes in.

For a stronger flavor, allow your coffee to steep longer, However, if your coffee sits for too long you may receive a flavor stronger than you’d like. This is where you will have to experiment and learn from your errors to figure out what you like best.

If you let your coffee steep for too longer—don’t worry, you can still save your brew. Simply fix this by diluting your drink with some more water.

3. Strain your Coffee

After waiting the desired time, remove your container from the fridge. Then, using your cloth or coffee filter paper, strain your brew into your desired mug or other container.

Feel free to do this a few times to make sure you remove all of the grind from your drink. 

4. Pour into Your Desired Container

This step is pretty simple. All you have to do is put a few ice cubes into a container to compose your final drink. So grab your favorite coffee mug or cup and get ready for awesomeness. For a more aesthetic look. pour your drink into a wide mouthed mason jar. Add in whatever flavors you want, or some milk or creamer if you desire.

5. Enjoy!

After all your hard work, you get to sit down, relax, and enjoy the best coffee you’ve ever had. You will be so glad you made it on your own. It’s so easy, you could do this every day.

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