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Drink Your Water Design Bottles

Stay motivated to drink more water with a funny pun! Our comedic designs are sure to put a smile on any face.
Fun fact, did you know that elephants tend to stay near water sources but they can detect the presence of water from five kilometers away? You can also stay near your water source like your cute elephant with the help of Cuptify’s hydration tracker water bottles wholly dedicated to your favorite animal! This collection is the best way to cheer someone who not only loves elephants like you, but also needs to be in their tiptop shape and be hydrated more so than ever. Whether you want to be motivated, happy, or even reminded of your hydration goals, the elephant collection with fabulous designs has something for you. Elephants sure love the water because they know it is what they need in order to survive, and you should be wary of that as well! Keep yourself hydrated with these water bottles, and don’t forget to share these with your loved ones as a meaningful gift to them.