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Water Bottle Design Collections

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Durable Water Bottles

Tritan plastic is the toughest and safest material imaginable for water bottles. Therefore, it's the perfect drinking buddy for any adventure! Its durability outshines any regular plastic. It can take almost any fall without denting, scratching, and any other visible damage. It may look like glass due to its shine, but it won't shatter! Its tenacity is unmatched by others. Because of its spectacular durability, this collection makes for great gifts to any loved one or gym buddy. Drink an awesome reusable water bottle together and save the planet from pollution!


Our water bottles are great for everyone. But, we greatly recommend this collection for those with an adventurous spirit! For instance, you can take it on a walk or a fast run around town. Make some sweat and hydrate while avoiding excessive baggage. In addition, the sleek and lightweight shape aids in shedding the final few pounds from any carry-on bag, so you will be able to drink your beverage without any issues!

Resistant Water Bottles

A metal-tasting water bottle is such a turn-off. However, with this collection, you won't have to worry about bad-tasting water again! Tritan ensures that you won't have to endure such an awful experience. With its resistance to filth and lack of odor, Tritan's primary advantage is its safety. Most importantly, purity and eco-friendliness are the top two qualities of these products.

Focusing on Care

Cuptify is ready to help you take on any challenges of the day. The best way to be equipped for anything is with a clear mind, freshly hydrated from a clean water bottle. As long as you take care of your bottle, it will take care of you! However, as durable as Tritan plastic may be, it still is plastic! This means it cannot withstand the high temperatures of a dishwasher. It has to be hand washed--but don't worry! Our bottles are easy to care for and require only a couple of minutes to wash. In short, cleaning this bottle is easy as one, two, three!