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Hydration Tracker Water Bottles

The Hydration Tracker Water Bottle is the perfect accessory for those looking to stay motivated and on track with their water intake goals.

Hydration plays a very vital role in health and wellness. Featuring a convenient tracking system and an easy refillable design, this bottle gives you the power to increase your daily H2O all in one attractive, hassle-free package. With its highly visible display that times interval intervals between drinks, it's an indispensable ally in helping you guarantee you'll never run dry or count gulps — unlocking staying hydrated with ease. Don't settle for sips confusion, get some real thirst quenchers courtesy of the Hydration Tracker Water Bottle. This must-have bottle has enough room to store 32 full ounces of water, making it the perfect way to keep you hydrated throughout the day. It is made with high quality yet completely safe materials, such as BPA free Eastman Tritan plastic, so that users can drink without concern for their health. If a travel companion is what you seek, this container will be the perfect fit. Not only is it engineered to express longevity and sustainability, but its heavy-duty tritan plastic has been proven strong enough to defy common bumps or falls during your travels. Our famous hydration tracker is embedded in the back of every bottle, discreet yet extremely efficient. It encourages users to sip small but continuous amounts of water throughout the day in order to meet their required daily quota. We like to think of it as a beacon, showing you on track towards your fluid intake goals and overall water health. With this system, keeping a history of your hydration progress is simple and systematic, an excellent incentive for committing to self-care regimens. Your wellbeing is our top priority, so you can trust the hydration tracker’s accuracy and no doubt achieve desired levels of nourishment with strategic sipping. By keeping to a regular schedule, you can make sure that you always have water for the rest of the day. Just fill up first thing in the morning and then calculate out how many "sips" you need throughout your morning routine. During lunch, don't forget to top it off for the afternoon hours! Taking short pauses to hydrate will help keep you at your peak level of productivity. Refill before you close out the day — you'll be thankful for it tomorrow.