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How Much Water Should You Drink

by Miranda Kay June 08, 2020 5 min read

Weight Loss and Drinking Water:

How Much Should You Be Drinking Daily

Trying to stay trim and in shape is a goal many these days inspire to keep track of but as many who start this health journey realize, it's not as easy as fitness gurus make it look. Losing weight and transferring your life into a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and time.

However, the first step is a lot easier than you think and is something you can start doing right away! Drinking water every single day is the first step on any fitness or health journey.

When you start tracking and maintaining your water intake, you can not only feel but see the differences it starts to make for your body.

If you were curious about just what water does to help improve your health and weight loss, we've laid out the facts for you! Let us help you work on yourself and give you the basics for understanding why focusing on your water in take is the perfect place to start.



Why Does Drinking Water Matter?

We could start off telling you the cliche facts that everyone knows like about our bodies being made up of 70% water, but let us hit you with some facts you just might not know.

First, water is absolutely essential for burning fat; without water, our bodies cannot metabolize stored fat or carbs properly.

Second, water is also very important for keeping our joints lubricated; this helps us from feeling sore after basic physical activities like walking or running.

Or did you know that staying hydrated helps us from cramping when we exercise?

In our everyday lives, it's so easy to skip the daily hydration with all the other drinks we intake - coffee, tea, smoothies, soda, alcoholic beverages - that we just forget to drink the most important one of them all. Hours can fly by and by the end of the day, you might be stuck with a raging headache and not realize that the pain you're feeling could be from dehydration.

Staying hydrated daily can bring many benefits, but on the flip side, being dehydration can cause just as many problems can cause many issues such as fatigue, headaches, and cramps. When you maintain your daily hydration goals, you can help lessen your bloating and boost your daily energy levels.  

Drinking your daily water can be tough when there are so many other delicious drinks out there that tempt us but you can still drink your daily water and achieve maximum flavor intake with these simple ideas.

First, try infusing fruit into your water like lemons, strawberries, or kiwi.

Second, try more herbal methods like adding mint or teas to your water.

There are tons of ideas you can try to make your water more exciting but no matter what you do, as long as you try and focus on your daily hydration needs, you'll be on your way to living a healthier lifestyle!


How Much Water Should You Drink?

The truth is, how much water you drink depends on a variety of factors all depending on who you are as a person; what weight you are, what gender you are, what age you are, how much alcohol you consume a day, how much exercise or how active you are daily...

While there are an array of reasons that can be determined in your daily water intake, here are some baseline rules: if you're a male, you will need to drink about four liters of water per day. If you are a female, you should be drinking about three liters of water per day.

When it comes to your daily water intake, you can't rely on the basic glass of water to be the correct size to fill all your hydration needs. Sometimes this could mean you would be filling up an eight ounce glass not just one or two times a day but upward of eight or nine times. Nobody has time to be constantly filling up an eight ounce glass so many times, it's just too tedious.

We recommend for our busy friends trying out a sports bottle or a water bottle to get more bank for your buck, technically speaking. With a water bottle, you can a bigger size that will carry more water for you to take in so you don't have to fill it up as much.

When you focus on maintaining the proper hydration routine to your daily life, paired with exercise and a healthy diet, you are sure on your way to losing weight the proper way. However, without starting off dedicating yourself to getting into the routine and habit of drinking your daily allotted amount of water, you are sure to be fighting an uphill battle.


Is Tap Water a Good Choice?

Thoughts on tap water all really depend on you and your preferences. Some people enjoy it straight from the faucet, some people like to place it through filters before enjoying it.

So to tap water or not to tap water, now that is the question... Ultimately the decision is all yours. There is no real right answer to how you feel about where your source of water comes from. If you prefer to fill your glass or reusable water bottle up from the tap or a filter water system, as long as you are enjoying your water, that's all that matters.

However you enjoy it, make sure to always check your local government's websites regulations on all they do to keep your water clean and safe.


Bored of Basic Water?

Are you tired of everyday water? Sometimes it's hard to drink the same drink day in and day out - we have a solution for you! Like we mentioned before, added a splash of flavor to your water is easier than you think. Try cutting up some of your favorite fruit and added them into your water bottle to get that fresh fruit taste right away or even add it to your water the night before to really soak up as much as possible.

One thing we definitely suggest if you are going to add fruit to your water is to make sure to wash your produce before and check for any seeds, the last thing you want when quenching that thirst is to swallow a seed or two. We also recommend cutting up the fruit is larger chunks, big enough to get it but not too small that every time you take a sip, you'll be eating pieces of your fruit... unless you like a snack with your water, then party on friends!

If you aren't a fan of fruity chunks in your water, check out water bottles that feature fruit infusers in them so you can keep your fruit inside your bottle all day long.

We have another post that shows you all the helpful tips and tricks we have to making your water go beyond the basic and adding some serious spice to your life.


Drinking Water: The Gateway into a Healthy Lifestyle

Needless to say, water is the key to a healthy life. We hope you've taken the time to see all that we've outlined for you and made it clear that you can't start your weight loss journey without first working on your daily hydration routine.
So get go ahead and start your hydration journey right away, set daily alarms, find water bottles with trackers on them to monitor how much you drink a day, or simply carry around a large water bottle that holds all your daily water needs. Whatever it is you choose, don't be afraid to start right away!


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