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Can You Shower the Wrong Way?

by Miranda Kay September 14, 2020 3 min read

When you’re showing, it’s to clean yourself off and be rid of all the sweat and dirt on your body from the day. You would think that bathing would actually clear your skin, right? Wrong! Believe it or not, you can make mistakes in the shower that can actually CAUSE acne.

Acne is caused by a buildup of dead skin and oils in your pores. Our skin absorbs everything, so we have to be sure to take care of it the right way.

Clearing your acne is the goal. Healthy, glowing skin is something everyone wants. The first step to achieving this is knowing what NOT to do, so you can correct the error of your ways.

So, let’s dive into what to avoid when showering.


1. Making the Water Too Hot

Let’s be honest with ourselves here. We all love hot showers, especially after a long day. I know after a long, hard day, all I want to do is lay in a nice, steaming bathtub. Although this can be a treat every so often that can relax our muscles and help us emotionally and mentally, doing this regularly is bad for our skin.

Showering regularly with hot water can cause our skin to dry out and become irritated. This dryness can affect us in different ways.

Our bodies could create an overproduction of oils to balance out the dryness in our skin, causing our skin to feel greasy and oily. Heat will also cause your pores to enlarge and will stay this way even after your shower, making it much easier for bacteria to get in.


2. Showering too Much

Yes, this can be a thing, and it can be very bad for your skin.

Your skin has a protective barrier that keeps all unwanted bacteria out, and when you shower too much, this barrier can be disrupted. This allows for all the unwanted bacteria, as mentioned earlier, to get in and infect your skin, giving you acne.

Your skin can also dry out even more if you shower too often, just like when you shower with water that is too hot.

To avoid this, only shower when necessary after sweating, getting dirty, or feeling greasy. A shower once a day would be best.


3. Showering with a Dirty Utensil

Although using a shower utensil such as a sponge or loofah can be helpful to make sure you are really getting all the dirt out from your skin, it can actually make things worse if you aren’t careful.

Once you leave the shower, the bathroom is still humid and moist. This can cause bacteria to form, fester, and grow. This becomes even worse when your shower is hot, which is another reason why making your water too hot can be bad.

This bacteria that grows on your sponge can be transferred to you the next time you shower, causing acne to pop up on your chest or back.

To avoid this, simply just make sure you replace your sponge, cloth, loofah regularly. If your utensil is reusable, make sure you wash it about after every shower you take.

The Key Three to Remember

  • Shower with Cool Water
  • Showering too much will irritate your skin
  • Use clean shower utensils

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