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Treat your Dehydrated Muscles

by Miranda Kay November 08, 2021 3 min read

Whether you are an active person who swings and does work all day, or someone who can’t get up on their bed, surely you have had an irritating cramp at some point in your life. No matter how much you stretch it, switching from hot pads or ice packs, it just doesn’t leave you.

Perhaps it has to do with the state of your body? Your body may require hydration and replenishment of electrolytes that you have lost when you have done your day-to-day activities. Why don’t we focus on how dehydration causes muscle discomfort? These are reasons why.



When you engage in physical exercise, you lose more than just water; you also lose electrolytes. Electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium are also lost as a result of sweating. These electrolytes aid in the normal functioning of the muscles and the effective transfer of oxygen wherever it is necessary. Magnesium, in particular, has been linked to increased physical strength. If you notice that your muscles aren't working to their full ability, it's possible that you're suffering from dehydration.



                Furthermore, whenever you participate in physical exercise, your muscles require an increasing quantity of oxygen to function properly. Even having heavy daily activities can trigger your cramps. When there is a shortage of oxygen in the muscles, lactic acid builds up, resulting in cramps or general physical pain!

Need not worry, keeping your body hydrated will allow for a higher flow of blood to reach your muscles, reducing the risk of lactic acid build-up in your muscles during physical activity. The fact that you are drinking enough amount of water after a strenuous activity may result in increased blood flow, which will transport lactic acid to the liver, where it will be turned back into sugar. Water can ease your problems up whenever cramps appear every time you try to stay fit.



As previously said, staying hydrated is extremely important for repairing aching muscles and avoiding more stiffness from developing. Daily activities contribute to the loss of water from our bodies. Refraining from treating the shortage of water in our bodies may complicate recovery efforts even more and increase the chance of becoming injured in the first place. In every action, dry muscles and bones may rub against one another, causing internal injury to the muscles and bones! However, maintaining the fluid balance between your body's skeletal muscles is essential in order to prevent your muscles from tightening or hardening as time passes. Here are tips on how to treat it like a boss.


You can start by restoring your electrolytes. Having it imbalanced is such a no-no, try consuming more water, have dairy, and great fruits such as bananas, avocado, or watermelon that will surely replenish the loss of your electrolytes from your body. To keep yourself from dehydrating, keeping track of your water intake with the help of Cuptify’s Hydration Tracker Water Bottles is the right path towards healthy living. Make it a habit to carry a little water bottle with you wherever you go, much as you do with your mobile phone all of the time. Instead of making a deliberate effort to get up and grab yourself a glass of water, it is more likely that you will drink water that will be with you wherever you go, made with high-quality materials that can keep your water safe and enjoyable to drink.

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