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Signs you are Dehydrated

by Miranda Kay March 11, 2022 4 min read

It’s been the talk of the town for ages that we should keep our bodies hydrated. The water content of our bodies varies depending on our age and body composition, but it ranges from 65 to 75 percent!


 According to fluid and food consumption, perspiration, as well as the frequency of urine and bowel movements, this percentage can change. If we lose more water than we take in, our bodies go out of balance, and dehydration might result. Every system in the body necessitates adequate quantities of fluids to function properly. In addition, water helps to eliminate toxins from vital organs, transfer nutrients to cells, and keep tissues in the ear, nose, throat, and eyes moist. Even mild dehydration can cause these systems to fail, causing you to lose energy and have other undesirable side effects that can be life-threatening.


Finding yourself in a dehydrated situation is something you should be alerted to. Here are some signs that would tell you that you need to drink water now!





You may feel more weary than normal if you are dehydrated. This is because dehydration harms every element of health, including your sleep-wake cycles.


Did you know that poor hydration was shown to be connected with shorter sleep duration and that persons who were well hydrated slept for longer periods than those who were not adequately hydrated? Dehydration might also make you feel wearier while you're doing strenuous activity. Water should be consumed in large quantities before, during, and after your training session. Unless you drink enough water during your daily activities, you may begin to feel lethargic and it may become difficult to keep up with what you are doing as a result. Drinking plenty of water can help you avoid feeling weary and will keep you feeling energized throughout the day.




In addition to adding plumpness, elasticity, and resilience to the skin, water contributes to its surface. If you pinch your skin and it feels thin or doesn't snap back quickly enough, you're probably dehydrated!


Indications of dehydration include dry skin and lips, loss of skin suppleness, and dry eyes. That dry skin and parched tongue you're experiencing may be related to your dehydration. Remember that dry skin and cracked lips can be signs of a wide range of health issues, so getting a good diagnosis is crucial! If you have dry skin and cracked lips despite drinking enough water, consult your doctor. The skin turgor test is commonly used to determine moisture levels. A few seconds later, detach the skin from the lower arm or belly. Conversely, dehydrated skin remains "tented" and takes much longer to restore to its normal state. Dermal turgor decreases with dehydration.       





There is just something about being thirsty and having a headache at the same time. Dehydration occurs when your body is deprived of the fluids it needs to transport nutrients and oxygen to other regions of your body. This might result in dizziness and headaches as a result of the medication. Some research has also shown that dehydration may be a factor in the onset of migraines. In fact, fluid deprivation in the body causes the stretching of blood vessels in the brain, resulting in headaches and other symptoms.

Researchers do agree that dehydration-related headaches may be brought on by a variety of different causes and that some of us may be more sensitive to dehydration-related headaches than others. Increasing water consumption may be beneficial for people who suffer from migraines in terms of reducing headache symptoms!





               When your body stops sweating, you may be suffering from dehydration, which is quite harmful. When you don't have enough fluid left in your body to produce perspiration, it indicates that your body is selectively shutting down key systems to conserve energy. Stopping the body's normal cooling function causes heat to be stored in the body, which may increase core temperature.




Using the restroom may reveal a lot about your health, even if most people don't like to talk about It. It is ideal if your pee is a pale yellow or straw tint. If you're not peeing as much as you should, you're probably dehydrated. After all, if you don't put in enough, you won't get anything in return. Insufficient hydration results in dark urine and infrequent urination. You can tell whether you're dehydrated by looking at the color of your pee. Your urine may seem darker if your body is retaining more water and not excreting it as quickly as it should. As a result, waste materials from the body such as salt and urea are concentrated in the urine.


It is not necessary to have crystal-clear urine as the result. Urine should be a pale yellow, like the color of light straw, to be optimal. The color of your urine may be affected by various things, such as the usage of drugs and B vitamins, which can cause it to appear bright yellow.





               Once you feel like you have stumbled upon these hazardous signs, make sure that you keep a water bottle or tumbler with you! Cuptify’s hydration tracker water bottle can be your perfect partner to combat your dehydration signs. Stay healthy, drink water, and be energized!


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