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Beer Flights

Host the best parties and impress your guests with your own custom beer flights! Serving up beers in a different, creative way will upgrade your hosting status to a whole new level. Customize each set however you like with different shaped glasses and personalized writing. We offer different shapes similar to real size beer glasses, such as pilsner or pint, so they look like the miniature version of each one! With beer flights, you can also become the perfect hub for beer tasting! Beer tasting is exactly what it sounds like: tasting different kinds of beer to see which ones you like and what it is you like about them. Beer flights are great for this because they’re the perfect size to serve up beer samples, made easy with the flight board. This way you can compare each beer in taste, color, or whatever else you may notice. Beer tasting is a great way to gather friends and enjoy each other’s company while trying something new and exciting, or it can be a relaxing, casual pastime. Another way you can use beer flights is to quickly and efficiently serve many beers at once, which is definitely useful when hosting parties. Not only is it more efficient, but it also makes you look more classy and put together. It’s quick and easy, so you can go right back to having fun along with your guests. These beer flights also make for an innovative, useful gift to a friend! Buy the beer lover in your life a gift they’ll always use.