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Personalized Old Fashion Glasses

Old Fashion Glasses

Before cocktails came to place, the old-fashioned was the first “cocktail” of its kind. It’s made by mixing sugar, bitters, and water with whiskey, and finishing with a garnish of an orange slice and cherries. It is a classic, sophisticated drink usually served in a beautiful, sophisticated glass to match. This is why it’s always important to have old-fashioned glasses at your home bar for you to enjoy. Old fashioned glasses are specifically made for mixed drinks like the old fashioned, so they are taller than glasses similar to it such as rocks glasses. Create and master the old fashion to make for your friends at your next social gathering. Host the best parties with personalized glasses that all of your guests will love! With our many designs, there is surely a glass out there for you. Purchase these glasses as gifts to friends, family, or coworkers! Everyone will appreciate your unique and thoughtful gifts. Celebrate the best memories with a Cuptify glass!