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A Bottle of Water is a Kid’s Power: Here's Why

by Miranda Kay August 11, 2021 4 min read

Water brings out the best in us. However, do you know who needs it more than anyone? Hands off, it is the children! Kids love to run and play, and they need constant rehydration to stay happy and be healthy all day. As a parent, there is no need to worry. Cuptify water bottles ensure your children get adequate water in a safe manner! After all, a suitable bottle of water is a kid’s power. Here are reasons why you need one:


Water Makes Kids Healthy

As parents and guardians, it's our responsibility to help our children become healthier day by day. Carrying a reliable water bottle will surely help you with that duty. Your body, just like your kids, wouldn't function correctly if it didn't have enough water. You can't last more than a few days without water because it accounts for more than half of your body weight. Why? Many of your body's key functions cannot be carried out without water.

As we all know, water serves as a conduit for oxygen to reach every cell in your body. Not only that, but water is also essential in the immune system which aids in the body's defense against disease. It helps maintain a healthy body temperature. Also, it is essential for digestion and the removal of waste from the body. The digestive secretions, urine, and feces all require water. Sweat is primarily composed of water, and we need to perspire. As we all know, kids love to run and play, so they need that water to sweat it all out! If you want your precious kids to flash the best of their smiles, Cuptify water bottles will never go out of style.


Fuel for Your Kids

 Ballet classes, soccer games, and just running about all day are common activities for children. At school alone, kids take part in gym and recess every day! Due to the way they sweat, breathe, and go to the bathroom, you may not have realized that your children are also losing water constanly! When it comes to hydration, the general rule of thumb is to replenish the water you lose throughout the day. If you're exercising or in hot weather, this is extremely crucial.

That is why youngsters should always have a water bottle with them. As long as it's within a few feet of during workout, practice, or playtime, they can grab it. With Cuptify water bottles, your beloved children can stay hydrated morning, noon, and night!


Begin Hydration Habits through Cuptify Water Bottles.

Even though it's physically necessary for the body to drink water, it's also mentally beneficial for children to learn how to make smart decisions. They are more likely to consume fruits and vegetables without being coerced into doing so, to fetch their own water, and to request healthy lunches at school if they drink more water every day.

To establish this healthy habit, we need a consistent water bottle to aid us in this journey. Cuptify water bottles make sure that your goal is on the roll! Also, it is natural for children to want to imitate the adults in their lives who drink water. Be a role model and get water bottles for you and your family!


Water to Battle Dehydration

Compared to adults, children are more vulnerable to dehydration. They have a bigger proportion of their skin that is available to sweat and be exposed to heat because they are smaller than adults. If youngsters are not encouraged and reminded to drink, they may not recognize that they are thirsty and may forget to do so. Fortunately, there are a few techniques to determine whether or not your child is adequately hydrated for the situation. Some of the symptoms include achy muscles, sluggishness, a dry mouth, and constipation.

Don’t want these to happen to your children? Cuptify water bottles won’t let dehydration win! Its high-quality materials are perfect for the health of your kid. With designs that motivate your kid to drink a lot, these bottles will never disappoint.


How much water do our kids need?

Amounts of water recommended for children are based on their age. The amount of fluid that children require is determined by a variety of factors, including their age, weight, health, and level of activity, as well as the weather.

When a baby is six months old, he or she can begin swimming. For the first year of their life, babies only require 4-8 ounces of drink each day because the rest comes from breastmilk or formula. Children between the ages of 1 and 3 years old should drink at least four cups of water or milk each day in order to keep well hydrated. For youngsters between the ages of 4 and 8 years old, this rises to about 5 cups, and 7-8 cups for older children. Individuals' activity levels and ambient conditions, such as heat and humidity, may necessitate adjustments to these amounts.


At the end of the day, all of us need a reliable water bottle as our hydration companion. To share Cuptify water bottles with the whole family, especially your kids, is one way to start a healthy lifestyle together.

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