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How can water help in your weight loss journey?

by Miranda Kay November 02, 2020 2 min read

A lot of women struggle in maintaining weight. Weight fluctuates all the time! And although it’s completely normal, this isn’t always what we want. Thus, a lot of women resort to a lot of technics on how they can achieve their weight goal. One of the simplest weight loss routine some women have, and probably the most inexpensive one, is incorporating water to their diet. But the question is, is it really effective? Today we are dissecting the effectiveness of drinking water for weight loss.


1. Water can help you eat less

People eat because they feel hungry and they need to fill in their stomach. However, when you drink water, you actually fill in that space in your stomach and can feel less hungry. A lot of research backs up this idea. This is why a lot of diet routines use water as a "filler" so they can avoid too much snacking.

2. Water cleanses the body

Water aids in cleaning your body from the inside. This is call detoxifying. Water helps to remove the waste in your body and helps kidneys to filter toxins and wastes. We all know that when we lack water in our body, it may lead into constipation.


3. Water helps during workouts

What is one of things that people bring with them when they hit the gym or do their workout? A water bottle! Water is very important to make sure that all parts work properly. Be sure to grease that well-oiled machine! It helps the muscles, joints, and other organs work effectively during strenuous activities.  

4. Water helps in calorie burning

One of the things many people focus on when trying to lose weight is burning calories, and water is a big help in this. Water intake also makes you burn more calories. This statement is backed up the study published by the National Library of Medicine in Maryland, USA.


5.  Water itself is low in calories

How many times in a day do you drink soda, tea or even coffee? Each cup or glass of these drinks would be equivalent to a snack in itself. Water is known to be a low calorie drink. This is why when you substitute the juice or soda you drink with water, it would make you have lesser calorie intake.

Water plays a very important role in your weight loss journey. But most importantly, you need to understand that this is not only to make you look good from the outside. This would also make you feel good from the inside. Water intake make you look and feel healthy, energized, and happy. 

Never forget to STAY HYDRATED!